seven.1. Social media Treatments for LGBTQ+ Minorities

FNs might result inside listings that don’t make explicit statements out of fraction worry experiences. Even when this type of listings are particularly just like the TPs in terms of one’s key phrase use, the brand new classifier struggles to discover its root context, age.g., “ People! I am in need of a bust binder. I’m into the significant dysphoria you to defectively affects my day to day life. Needs anyone to give you to definitely and stay my lifesaver..”

Typoes and you can alternatives away from slangs.

We plus discover FNs whenever specific terms and conditions are misspelled. NLP preprocessing techniques out of normalizing words or enchantment correctors could help inside the conquering misclassifications, age.grams., “I am an earlier closeted lesbian from inside the college. I just moved to a different sort of city and know nobody right here.

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