How to choose the best statement tapware to transform your bathroom

How to choose the best statement tapware to transform your bathroom

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Whether you’re searching for a simple update or planning a big renovation, statement tapware is your secret weapon for creating a beautiful bathroom. Often overshadowed by high-end goods like vanities and bathtubs, tapware is reclaiming its rightful place in the limelight to contribute significantly to the appearance and feel of a bathroom.

How to choose the best statement tapware to transform your bathroom

Despite their little size, excellent tapware delivers a visual impact. Additionally, it is a cost-effective method to provide a high-end vibe to even the most basic of bathrooms. However, with manufacturers like Mico Bathrooms offering a plethora of choices, we’ve compiled a list of the Four S’s of tapware design to assist you in selecting the perfect one for your home: Style, form, shine, and dimension.


Contemporary, minimalist, rustic, or vintage: the design possibilities for tapware are almost limitless. Begin by determining how you want your bathroom to make you feel; this will influence your tapware selections. Are you looking for something sleek and contemporary that will effortlessly integrate into your new modern bathroom? Or would you rather make a strong statement?

If you’re trying to replicate a spa-like atmosphere in your home, a waterfall faucet like the Phoenix Nara is the ideal choice. Gold or brushed brass tapware is totally on style, and when paired with streaky marble and one or two lush indoor plants, these taps are a lovely way to add a touch of glam to your room without going overboard. Take inspiration from our collection of actual houses below and discover where to shop the look.


How to choose the best statement tapware to transform your bathroom

When selecting tapware, it is important to consider both form and function. While you want your fixtures to appear beautiful, they must also be simple to use. Ergonomics are critical in a high-traffic location such as the restroom. Consider your family composition – monobloc taps with a single leaver are simple to use with one hand, which is ideal if you have small children.

Influence the form of your tapware by considering your bathroom’s design. Consider if you want a monobloc fixture with mixer taps or a vintage look with separate hot and cold spots. If your bathroom appears to have a lot of squares and hard edges, such as vanities and tiles, narrow your search to curved tapware – this will help soften the space. Take a look at Mico Bathrooms’ Adesso and Phoenix collections. They provide amazing designs that do not sacrifice elegance for utility.


Matte or glossy? Are they brushed or polished? The shine of your tapware may help bring the whole bathroom design together. Maintain a refined aesthetic with chrome fixtures or amp up the drama with brushed brass. If your bathroom is feeling a bit clinical, statement tapware is an easy way to bring warmth and texture. Contrary to popular belief, do not be afraid to combine matte and gloss finishes. We like the mix of glossy tiles with matte faucets for a slight textural boost. Click here to read about The Difference Between Matte and Glossy Finish (with Infographic).

Our top style palette choices include the following: 

  • Sleek and simple chrome faucets in a muted palette of grey, white, and wood
  • Glamour of the old world
  • Gold faucets and grey marble tiles with streaks
  • Modern opulence
  • Bold Drama 
  • Matte black tapware in an all-white space
  • Tapware in brushed bronze and black tiles


When it comes to tapware, size is critical. Making the incorrect choice may have a negative impact on the flow and functioning of your bathroom, therefore it’s critical to have all necessary measurements with you while shopping. Consider the size of your vanity, the height and breadth of your sink, and the length of the spouts on any potential faucets. You can read about Effective tips for selecting the right tapware for your bathroom by visiting

If you have a tiny bathroom, wall-mounted faucets are an easy way to maximize available bench space. Long, goose-necked mixers are on vogue and a bold option if you have more creative freedom. If you’re maintaining the same vanity, have the base dimension of your existing tap on available – you don’t want to end up with large gaps at the base of your new tapware.

The bathroom needs a variety of tapware products, which will vary according to the style of your bathroom. The most often used tapware in a bathroom is basin tapware, shower tapware, and bath tapware, all of which come in a variety of designs and kinds.

When shopping for bathroom tapware, it’s critical to match each item or buy them all from the same line to maintain a consistent appearance throughout. If your basin tapware is matte black, your shower tapware, and so on, should be as well.

Tapware for vanities and basins — Similar to the kitchen faucet, there are wall-mounted and top-mounted taps for vanities and basins.

Wall-mounted basin taps are gaining popularity and are becoming a fashionable option for bathroom vanities due to the additional bench space they offer. They are offered as wall mixer sets or three-piece conventional faucet sets.

Top-mounted basin taps are popular because they provide a greater selection. Mixers, three-piece tap sets, and pillar taps are available in various styles. Which is best for your bathroom is determined by the vanity top or basin you choose — whether it has one or three holes.

Shower tapware – Shower tapware comes in a range of shapes and sizes and offers probably the most extensive selection of any kind of tapware. Shower mixers, shower sets, showerheads, shower arms, and shower rails are available. Twin showers, shower seats, and hand showers are also available. Your decision is completely subjective. However, the functionality should be taken into account.

Shower rails, twin showers, and hand showers are the favored options for practical shower tapware. Each of them has a design aspect that allows for the elevation, location, or direction of water to be adjusted to a more comfortable position.

Bath tapware – Bath tapware is also available in a variety of styles and patterns. The best option is highly dependent on the kind of bath you select. Do you have a combined bath/shower, a freestanding bath, a back-to-the-wall bath, or a conventional insert bath? Can you have a tap placed on the wall or on the top?

Bath/shower combo – Combination bath/shower units are ideally coupled with a single shower rail or a shower mixer equipped with a diverter to direct water to the separate bath mixer/tap set. Taps placed on the wall or on the top are also acceptable.

Freestanding bath – When it comes to tapware, freestanding bathtubs provide a touch of aesthetic flare. If the bath is not against a wall, a freestanding floor-mounted bath mixer is the ideal option. If the bath is near a wall, you may want to consider a wall-mounted bath mixer or a bath set.

Back-to-the-wall bath — Back-to-the-wall bathtubs are ideal for wall-mounted bath tapware, such as bath mixers and bath sets.

Insert bath in the traditional manner – Traditional inset bathrooms complement both wall-mounted and top-mounted faucets nicely. The correct option is contingent upon whether or not the bath is equipped with tap holes. If it does not, a wall-mounted faucet is almost always the preferable choice.

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